douglas  dupuis

douglas dupuis

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To inform them of my experience and credentials and to learn who they are.


To make sure all the students have equall access to the school, the classrooms and labs as well as all the learning materials.


I learned how to recognize and deal with studets that have learning disabilities.


To give all people the same access to the learning material regardless of their disability.


How to accomodate students with disabilities and provide an equal opportunity to learn the course subject matter as well as everyone else.


I haven't really had my first class as of yet, but I do have a funny, Read everything before you do anything test to give them. I have been co-teaching to start.  


Keep organized and practice prior to class starting. 

To remember that attention spans are only about 15 to 18 minutes and students learn about 5 to 7 things at a time. 


To make a seating chart so you can remember names quicker. Make students feel comfortable in our class.


Read and know the material prior to starting class because the students will test you.

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