Donna Carroll

Donna Carroll

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From this module, I learned the different styles of networking and how to overcome certain networking barriers.  I intend to use this information to teach students who may be introverts or who do not yet understand the value of networking to overcome any hesitation they have about the process.

In this module, I learned about informational interviewing approaches, the types of networking, and the importance and methods to build connections with hiring managers.

In this module, I learned creating networking goals, defining a networking target, mapping a network, and how to make an professional introduction (aka elevator pitch).

This introduction reinforced for me the different types of networks, network attributes, and networking connection types.

I learned ways to advise students who may want to know how they might come 'out' at work, the potential impact to them, and ways to determine and address if they experience any forms of discrimination or harassment as a result of being 'out' in the workplace.

I learned valuable resources to research the LGBTQ-friendliness of companies, how to prepare students to consider whether they may wish to be 'out' on their resume, and how to address/ask potential questions during an interview.

I learned that queer people may have delayed career development simply because they have focused much of their formative years understanding their identity and therefore, less time focused on career exploration.  Additionally, queer people have some additional concerns regarding employment pursuits.

I learned the various states that have laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.  I can use this knowledge when working with students who may pursue employment opportunities in different states.

I have learned some effective ways to interact with students distantly via technology.  I have worked remotely for most of my career, so email communication has never been a struggle but I have now learned the appropriate names to the techniques that I have just acquired over the years.  The area in which I have less experience is teaching via technology and have been somewhat challenged by that this semester as the course I teach was switched to remote (synchronous).  Trying to conduct group discussions and interactive activities has been a learning experience for both myself and the students.  Some… >>>

I have learned  effective techniques to coaching students both to address their motivation and to prompt action.  I have also learnee practices to avoid so as not to tell student what to do but rather encourage their generation of ideas and solutions.

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