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Dana Noel

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The "5 Keys to Success" will be extremely helpful to students.  I also liked the scenarios given, so that students could help brainstorm solutions to these "issues" that could arise in the workplace.  It will help them become better employees in the long run.


I liked how when looking at interview questions, you have to make sure students understand there is "more to the question".  For example, "What are your strengths?", the employer is looking to see that you are will be an asset for their company.  It is important to practice with students, to build confidence as they continue on with the job interview process.


I learned that "References available upon request" is no longer acceptable on resumes. Students should compile a list of references to give the potential employer. This section was filled with may great examples to help students see the importance of a strong cover letter and resume.


It is important for students to think about all aspects of a job, not just money.  For example, I like the idea of having the students use a form to think about interests, benefits, work environment, as well as the contacts for networking.  This will be a very useful tool as they move through the job search and interview procress.


I thnk it is important to bring tolight "unconscious bias" and how it can affect us as teachers, counselors, and employers.  I also think it is important to help students with "postiive framing", since low self-esteem and negative thoughts are such an issue with students. 

I was reminded how people with disabilities are treated in the workplace.  They could be treated as "second-class" citizens or others feel sorry for them..leading to feelings of inferiority or patronizing attitudes.  Some people display fear when dealing with those with disaiblities, for reasons such as not wanting to offend the person or just not interacting with the person at all.  I think the biggest statment to take away from this section is focus on the person's ABILITY and not the disability.  


I will pay more attention to my communication methods when talking to those who are deaf or have hearing impariments (such as annuciating, but not yelling, and using good eye contact).  I will also like to look into the JAWS reader program for students.

It became very apparent that accommodations are provided to create equal access not used to assist students succeed. When completing 504 plans for students, this will be helpful in assisting the team in creating accommodation ideas that help make an "equal" playing field for the student.  

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