donna nardiello

donna nardiello

Location: i am an adjunct instructor at briarcliffe college patchogue

About me

I am a 45 year old dental hygienist. Just completed my Masters degree in dental hygiene education. This is my first maxknowledge course it was a requirement and I enjoyed it.


cooking and physical fitness


dental hygiene


Discussion Comment

some of the strategies mentioned in this couse were very helpful

understanding studients learning needs.

I will be lecturing the second course of my career this week. I have a very strong background in lesson development. It was exteremely helpful to conplete this course as a refresser prior to class. I have completed a course syllabus, lesson plans, assessment tools which are required and I will allow for  18-20 minute breaks allowing my students to constantly stay engaged in their learning.


I am an instructor and a dental hygienist. I work in private practice 4 days a week and teach at a dental hygien school on Long Island New York 2 days a week. I am an X generation and I do feel as if I am at an advantage by having understand of the veterans, baby boomers and the the Y generation. I always try to understand the learning needs of my students and my patients. This course helped me to differentiate between the different groups. I will utilize what I learned in this course for future lesson planning

I am an instructor and I am generation X

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