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Visionary Managers ! > Managers! | New blog by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Visionary managers as  both mangers and leaders should have knowledge, relevant behaviors, passion and vision of a better futiure state of existence to the company they mange and lead.  &nb...

How to start a turbine engine | New comment by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Dear Donald, Is your post related to any of the topics that are discussed here, which I assume are related to enhancing studnet learning and techniques that facilitate it?

Some qualifications to the lesson--and hesitation about this material | New comment by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Dear David,

That is absolutely true. Students in most cases avoid things in the course materilas, for two main reasons: one, they do not believe the things they are learning probably may no...

Valuing Achievement | New blog by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Valuing one's achievement in learning is part of a higher learing enterprise. It is when we recognize and value those who achieved in learning that our desires to promote learning have true purpose an...

Learning empowers humans | New blog by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Learning is not only to know what are established as knowlegde but facilitates creativity as well. It is when we learn and know how to add, that we think how to multiply. 

Reason facilitates learning | New blog by Dr. Dejenie Lakew

Although an imperative process that is understood at a higher stage, learning is more appreciated when we know the reasons why we learn. We humans live better and effectively when we solve problems ef...