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Dawn DiPeri

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I am an instructor that teaches a variety of programs including Visual Communications, Graphic Design, Communications, New Media and more. I teach Vis Com majors, Graphic Design, COmputer Art, Education and Communications majors. Most of what I teach is highly technical although I also teach creative subjects like branding, marketing, advertising and more. I have been teaching for 3.5 years and will be starting an EdD (hopefully) this April.

I teach online and face to face. I am a graduate of both online and face to face degree programs and am fully aware of the obstacles our students encounter while working and going back to school. I have 2 kids, teach at 3 Universities and run my own ad agency. I am busy but love what I do, so I never feel like it is "work".

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I have very good retention rates. I think it is because I try to show the students how much I care about them. I keep an eye out for absent students and those that are falling behind. I have even called a student on the phone and have emailed them at times as well. I try not to sound authorative in nature and gently remind them I am here if they need anything but I am concerned they are not going to pass if they don't catch up. That seems to help tremendously.


Discuss the pros and cons of using various blogging software. What do you prefer and why?
I would love to hear real examples, what has and has not worked for you?

Polls are helpful. Then everyone is required to "vote" and be heard. I also do small group projects and lessons because some shy students will open up in discussion with their peers but not always with the entire class.


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I am lucky that the nature of my students work in the industry allows them and expects them to create portfolios. Portfolios exhibit their best work and shows their skills, talent and capabilities. It is also a way for them to talk about business solutions solved and how many times the student have reworked a project to get it to where it is. Hiring managers and Professors often will critique this portfolio. In that way a portfolio is an ongoing process and students can see the progress themselves. It give them confidence.
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I suppose the reason is the retention rate and graduation rate of these individuals. The very students we enjoy teaching and inspiring and motivating are the ones that sometimes need an extra boost, a helping hand, encouraging words so that they can keep perservering. THey have often had so many obstacles that these schools are a safe haven a place to offer hope and change their future. They need to seek out the people at the universities that can help them with their struggles. SOcial workers, professors, peers, academic advisors, student leaders, alumni. It takes a village to raise a… >>>

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Does anyone have students who still continue to fight their grade despite a detailed organized rubric? For example I once had a student fight with me that they got a A-. I had marked them lower on the student participation area of the rubric. They were supposed to deliver a lesson plan and engage students in the process. Her response was that it was "ridiculous" that I would expect her to be responsible for other students being engaged in her presentation/lesson. Furthermore when it was her turn to listen to others and engage in their lesson plan she continued to… >>>

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One thing I find that differs greatly among students is their technical skills. SOme people are very tech savvy, not afraid of learning new software & hardware while other students seem hesitant and need to have their hands held every step of the way. I find giving a diagnostic tool in the form of a technical survey helps me to use differentiating learning and engage all learners in an online environment helping each and every student to increase their technical skills at their own comfort level.
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Rubrics can be a bit cumbersome for a student to read. For an academic we are used to these sort of documents. I see students eyes glaze over in a face to face when I discuss the rubric. I think the language needs to be simple enough and succinct enough for everyone to understand. Any suggestions on modifying an original University Rubric while staying within the curriculum guidelines?

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