Daniel Heltemes

Daniel Heltemes

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Create lecture notes and organize your lectures into shorter 10-15 minute time frames. 

Make a good first impression. Introduce yourself and talk about your professional experience. 

Ensuring you have an accurate syllabus is important to ensure students understand the standards for the course. 

Maintain technical skills as an instructor and ensure the latest relevant information is being introduced to the training audience. 

Lesson notes can help instructors stay organized and focused on key learning objectives during training.

Always include objectives and standards in your lesson plans to provide clarity for the training audience. 

It's important for instructors to provide a rationale statement for the training, because this will provide relevancy for the training audience. 

I've learned how important it is to conduct a baseline assessment of the knowledge and experience of your training audience, because learning plans can always be tailored to provide more effective training objectives. 

I've learned how implementing different types of tests can be better for certain job skills and knowledge retention. 

I've gained a better understanding of how assessments can facilitate training development and implementation. 

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