Daniel Choi

Daniel Choi

Location: wcu-ontario campus
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Make light of a situation after a mistake. We are all only human and take notes to avoid making the same silly mistakes.

It is difficult to have to remove a student from the classroom, but sometimes it is necessary if the student is not focused on learning and is disrupting the class and not fostering a learning environemnt.

Include all students in discussion and group activities to keep everyone engaged. 

Deinfe course outlines, objectives, grading criteria, due dates etc into the syllabus. Also remind students of deadlines for assignments with emails, in person during lecture as well.

Have a variety of teaching delivery options to keep students egnaged

Know your subject, prepare for the first class. Learn student names. Introduce yourself and experience. Have the students do the same.


Be thourough with course outlines, objectives, expectations, grading criteria etc in the syllabus. 

Prepare beforehand everything required for classroom instruction. Be a model and motivator. Maintain professionalism at all times.


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