Dawn Arias

Dawn Arias

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Computer literacy is not only more in depth than I previously thought, but also imperative to today's workforce. Many students need to be taught from the basics. This may be crucial for adult learners. 

I learned that lectures should not be more than 15 minutes. I have some lectures that are longer and I need to revise them to be more concise. I have implemented this this week and I feel as though the students were more responsive and retained the information better, and I had more engagement in the class!

Proactive communication is essential for the flipped model. I am currently flipping a class this term and the students seem to like it so far. I am still learning how to research the BEST tools and lectures for the students to review at home or on their own and creating hands-on activities int he classroom. It is a little time consuming at the moment, however, I think the time will decrease as I continue to become more proficient with this model.

I now understand that all the pre-recorded lectures do not have to be my pre-recorded lecture. I can use other resources such as TED Talks, Khan Academy, and Youtube videos to name a few. I still struggle a little bit with explaining the process to students who are used to traditional pedagogy, only because it is different from what they are used to.

EQ is extremely important and needs to be worked on consistently. I wish this was taught in elementary schools. I want to continue to bring awareness of EQ to our students so we can continue to improve it.

It is important to teach soft skills to our students as well as model the behaviors for them.

It is good to know there is a purpose for extrinsic motivators until the intrinsic motivators can take over!

This reminded me to make sure I am providing enough time after asking a question to allow students to process and respond. Just because I know the answer, doesn't mean the students don't need more time to process and then respond!

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