Connie Tipado

Connie Tipado

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Being an educator  for more than 20  plus years ,I believe  the faculty  also need to be motivated in the area of his or her  discipline , and what they are teaching .If the students see you motivated   in the area you are (teaching )than they will be to motvivated and excited  to learn. 

Comment on Analyn Russell's post:  student enjoy Extrenal rewards for an example getting a startbucks card after getting a great score of a test 

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Elizabeth FERPA rights are detailed in Family Education Rights and Privacy Ace. I think it is great that we have training on this because the laws change each year.

I our society things change often. 

This section was very educatcial.  I learned the legal part of what to do and to make sure I'm on target with the rulers and regulations by law. 

The Third component of the Trail is composed of state goverment boardand agenicies. Career education sector,state goverment agenciesexerise varying levelsof oversight from state to state. 


I take the college mission statement seriously.

As a member of the Administration and education staff we most be transparent and forthcoming with the students and their education. 

Education is the best culture of compliance.

I belive students want to be heard as well as given directions.

The role of faculty and staff to ensure  the betterment  of understanding ethical and compliant enviroment.

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