Chad Harper

Chad Harper

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Autonomy supportive learning supports positive learning outcomes.

I believe that incorporating several teaching modalities supports transfer of knowledge.

The assessment reminds me of psychogeometrics as well.

Each individual (instructor and student) plays different roles in the learning environment. As such, having a better understanding of an individual's traits will allow for individualized teaching and ensure the class meeting progresses in a positive manner.

Instructors should deliver content through a variety of methods to maximize student success.

To support successful outcomes the instructor should engage with students at the individual level.

It is important to clearly articulate the objectives to learners and demonstrate that these have been met.

An instructor must look the part as professional, though relating to the students on a personal level is equally important.

Instructors should use diverse methods to support learner engagement.

Instructors must clearly communicate with students to support their success.

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