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It is essential to understand and apply multiple teaching methods during periods of instructions in order to ensure that all of the students have the best opportunity to learn.

Be professional, set the stage for the course by givening an overview of what is expected of the students and ensure that the students know what they should get out of your course.  

These are all excellent learning points and they only remind me what poor professors I had previously interacted with throughout my college career.  90% of my teachers walked through the door at approximately 9:59 for 10:00 classes. Or they had a poorly formatted syllabus that benefitted no one.  I hope, as I continue to grow, that my teaching methods are more aligned with what has been taught in this module, vice what I learned from the majority of my previous professors.

Always be professional during the first week of your course. You can never get that first week back. If you want to shift to a more relaxed style of teaching or dress after the first week, then do so based on the feedback from your students.  Don't show up like "Welcome Back Koetter", unless that is some tye of stych you are trying to portray.  

Both Lecture Notes and the integration of technological assets can prove to be very beneficial to both the teacher and the student.

Know what you are teaching and know your audience. To be successful, you will need to be organized and focused. Don't waste your students time, it's their education.

Assessments or testing, are a report card for both the student and the teacher.  They can show teh learning progress of the student and also the quality of the instruction or even the quality of the course design.

It is essential to determine which assessmentsare appropriate in order to accurately use the best process in determining both your students learning ability and the current status of their knowledge absorption. Several different types of assessment areavalible, although some are performance based vice knowledge based.

Questioning is a dual edged tool that benifits both the teacher and the student group.


A teacher may use this method to either gain an appreciation for the knowledge base that the students currently have or it may be a methid to invite discussion by all members of the class to bettwer understand the subject at hand.

There are a multitude of both teaching and learning styles. 


Just because you are comfortable at teaching in one style, that doesn't mean that you will reach all of your students due to their individual learning styles.


Be flexible and learn multiple styles of teaching. This will allow you to adapt to your students and reach more of them.

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