Chris King

Chris King

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I have gotten some what is available to students that will help them learn.  I am already taking into consideration my students challenges.  But i think I can do more help them learn more efficiently.

I have learned to support a student as long as the achievement goal is not diminished.

 I have come to understand that there are more challenges than what I thought. Some are minor and a person learns they have an issue and adjusts to overcome them.  Some issues can be embarrassing and need help to overcome .  As a teacher I need to be work recognizing a students special abilities and help them to rise above their challenges.

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I was actually aware of various reading disabilities.  My brother had an issue with reading and spelling.

I have a clearer understanding of various test and their purpose.

I think using different assessment type helps to determine the strengths of the student. and keep their interest.

I have learned to rephrase my questions sometimes to get the students thinking.

This is the first time i have seen where learning styles are identified.  This will help me see what a particular students needs to help them progress in their learning.

The different benefits from various styles of questions. 

The way a question is formulated can help students stay engaged.

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