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Advisory Committee | New discussion by Chris Brown

I feel this is one of the best assets for a specialized technical programs.  This allows the program directors to keep their finger on the pulse of the field they teach/manage by interacting with...

Only so many hours in a day | New comment by Chris Brown

There is a great responsibility that comes with wearing many hats.  There can be an urge to bend rules when you are experiencing pressure to perform different tasks.  Strong managers need...

Agent Permit | New discussion by Chris Brown

I have always felt other departments should be exposed to the agent permit so they have a better understanding of the admissions processes and regulations.

accreditation | New comment by Chris Brown

Schools that are not accredited are not eligible for Title IV Funding, with out this funding most institutions could not stay in operation.

Different Regulations By State | New discussion by Chris Brown

I feel regulations that guide our education systems should be more consistent and completed on a national level instead of the state level.  This inconsistency causes schools to shy away from cre...