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I've been in the teaching profession for around 30 years and have taught elementary, middle school and adults.  I consider myself very lucky to be able to pull from so many different types of experiences and share some with my current students.

I had never taken an online coure before, but now have completed my third with CEE (ED104,105 &106) and was suprised at how easy it was to navigate through the courses.......It was a very good review!


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I completed that course several months ago, and I agree it was well organized and easy to follow!

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Technology is greatwhen those using it are well trained.  Sometimes I find that everyone is automatically supposed to know how to use/do everything as the schools begin new programs or integration. New and different is definitely sometimes good, but not always better!

I have been teaching (from Preschool to adults) for many years, and I can't agree with these comments more!  Be respectful at all times (if you expect it, you must give it!) Be approachable, enthusiastic and fair....oh...and laugh with them 'til your sides hurt!!!


Amen!  Our "people skills" are just as, if not more important, than the knowledge we may want to share with our students. Once students can relate to you as a person, not only as their teacher, than your interaction sets the type of rapport that exists...........Facts don't do that: feelings do!

Retention IS the job of everyone working in the college environment.  Ed115 deals with improving our "softskills" (people skills)...and I think a valid point can be made that not only the way we present material to our students, but how we interact with them in general makes a HUGE difference in whether a student wants to remain part of that particular college family!!

Hi Dana.....I just completed ED115 which mainly addresses the importance of instructors improving their "Softskills" in the clasasroom..Your comment fits right in with that idea.......and no matter how empathetic wa feel we are, I believe there's ALWAYS room for improvement!

I just completed ED115 Softskills for instructors.Although nothing really new, it was presented very well...except I was told I didn't do 4 quizzes..but I didn't see ANY quizzes, only the Final test.  Has anybody else taken this course???

I just completed CM102 and I think it was a well developed and informative course....but much more relevent for Admissions reps , Financial advisors and management.......not so much for a classroom instructor!!   Many of the other MaxKnowledge courses that deal with what goes on in the classroom probably would be more difficult to relate to for nonteachers. Just my opinion!

I didn't see a group for ED111 (Active Learning).  I just completed this course and thought it was very interesting how many teachers must be on auto pilot because most successful teachers probably automatically incorporate most of these activities anyway...but that's good to know!

It is true, today there is so much more emphasis on the "Learning Styles" of students, when before, the only people who ever even heard that term were in   Education Methodology  classes.  However, IF you are a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, then you probably don't need to change your style to fit anyone, as you're already teaching so everyone can understand the material being taught.......that's what passionate teachers have as one of their strengths!!!

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