Carol Fann

Carol Fann

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extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is very important in increasing student retention. 

Security and Motivation are important features in maintaining student retention. 

There are a number of various e-learners that have a different work ethic when it comes to e-learning. Thus, acknowledging how different e-leaners have a different work ethic need to be taken into consideration when engaging learners online. 

Utilizing asynchronous meetings are more helpful and useful for effective student learning. 

Building rapport and trust with each student is vital for student success. 

With CMS, be aware that not all learners may be as technologically savvy compared to their peers. It is important to encompass technological learning as well as educational learning. 

Be passionate about what you are teaching and it will create a positive influence on your students. 

Knowing and understanding the students' need are vital in enhancing student learning and participation. 

Practice your demonstration before class. Vary your instructional style to engage all students. 

Learning each student's name is vital in developing student rapport. 

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