Caryn Menches

Caryn Menches

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Online presense connects us to being human, and somehow, we have lost a little bit of that online. 

Online learning isn't for everyone. Students are lacking in what their strengths and weaknesses are and then taking an online class. Many are not participating, thinking the classes are easier or not much work. Even if a syllabus, class schedule and video have been posted about this topic. 

I remember being a student and noticing how some instructors didn't seem to care and others who were genuinely interested in your success. Today's students seem to be pulled in all different directions and don't seem to be as focused. 

Trying to solve a problem is important for critial thinking, which is incorporated into my class

Interacting with students in my synchronus class using questions, feedback, real life scenarios and why what we're learning is important, has been tremendously helpful in students retaining info

I already incorporate active learning into my online class. I was the type of student that got bored easily, so having interactions such as the ones in the reading have helped in students retaining the info.

Use multiple methods for different types of disabilities, as well as different learning types. Videos should be transcribed, pictures should have ALT words

I have used Wave for website accessibility, but never thought about using it for classes.

I have a friend that is deaf and am very aware of the ADA. He always requests videos with closed captioning and it had made me think of the class in the same way. Also, all websites are suppoed to be ADA compliant as well.

Multiple evaluations and multiple sources of information will make the course richer for the students, institutions and the industry


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