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Gaming and simulations are a great tool for learning . Most advanced simulations require creation skills that are beyond the instructor. 

resulting is games that are boring and offen considered busy work or wasted time.  I wish I could create a good simulation.  


Active learning activities may take extra time in planning and execution 


Active learning is any learning other than sitting and listening to a lecture. 

reading then is active learning . 


Im going to use instructional articles and web sites  to replace lectures 

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This is what I do , study and rewrite over and over again. 

 therre is no short cut to learning.

We all have different ways of learning and there is a mixture of many different types within one person.

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create a task which they are good at  and let them work on that. 

Creating lables ,or 3x5 cards with medical words  on it ,for medical terminolgy .

 have them make a set for each class member  

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I let her sit quietly as we play around her and then I direct questions down the row with her being last , she will see that she is in the row and that her time is coming to answer. When it get to her she is ready and answers and then she is "in" and particapating

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