Barbara Karchin

Barbara Karchin

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This job search information needs to reflect the trends of a more remote working environment as reflected in the era of a pandemic, so students, career changers and those “outplaced”  offer a competitive set of tools. 


This module is missing the "typical practice interview" questions with potential positive responses for students.


Coach students on how they can become a valuable "team member" at their organization.  Little tidbits embedded in "stories" often leave a lasting impression. 


It is important to coach students how to answer Standard Interview Questions effectively in class, mock interviews with business/industry partners, or just responding to questions with friends, siblings and/or parents/guardians.  The more practice students have in preparation before their actual interviews will help students feel more confident and hopefully their practice responses will help them successfully answer the questions asked of them.

Writing targeted letters to specific employers of interest is  great way for students to introduce themselves. If the individuals have some "hands-on" experience, it is important for the student to "explain" their experience in a short phrase that includes a number (how long have they done something, how many students were on their "team' to complete a project  Another important arena is "safety" what "safety" instruction have they received that is relevant to the prospective employer, i.e. OSHA 10, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Complex equipment such as a lathe, mill, etc.? 

When writing a cover letter, make sure the grammar is… >>>

Learning how to effectively network is one of the imnportant keys to implementing an effective job search.  Knowing how to ask questions of potential individuals of interest is a critical learning step in the process, the foundation of being successful in any arena.  Having a select few questions that can be practiced with friends, teachers and/or parents/guardians is the first step in developing confidence in themselves and how to portray themselves in an "interviewing situation."  A few suggested networking questions may include: 

1)  How did you get into this field?  (educational background, career path, work experience, mentors)

2)  What do… >>>

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