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I really like this course, but I feel really lost on the beginning of the course, till I went back to it and read it slowly and take module by module. Great tools for learning.

I notice few good student, that do good when the other student is not present in class. I observed the changes on his grades and attitudes when he is around with this clown student, he become totally different person. I don't know How to approach this type of situation, because I don't want to be misunderstood by him and the other student too, any help and suggestion are welcome.
The advantage is simply the experienced student elaborates the topic and help the novice student understand the topic in bigger picture. Result both student learned.

Usually our student is so diverse, often times 50% of our student has experience and 50% is a novice learners. I often talk to the student that have experience to the subject on the sides, prior from discussing it to the rest of the student. This way I can set up the discussion in more interesting face, by using the student talk about their experienced on the focal subject, the negative and positives are discuss in more dramatic ways, by allowing them to hear it based on a real experience. Then we can add all the positives points to remember… >>>

Hello, just want to get some feed back from all of you out there. I experienced last term two of my student come to class under the impluence of Alcohol. I dont drink, or not yet experienced being drunk, so I dont really know how they feel, under the influence of Alcohol or drugs? How would approach this tyoe of Learner? I try to talk to one of them, and he wen "ballistics' on me, that I have to take him to my Dean for councilling. Just want hear you feed back?
Recently I experienced multiple Challenging student on my class. Constantly absent, late, and argumentive in a class. Negative mind-set. How would you approach this type of Learner?

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