Andrea Winslow

Andrea Winslow

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I saw that multiple evaluations can be more useful than one type. Revisions are also part of course evaluation and should be done consistently. 


I like the idea of peer assessment. I typically utilize this assessment method in lab exercises, however, I can see how it might be useful in other learning environments as well. 


The idea of anonymity is good. I think that students who are offered the option of communication via an alias could provide a safe way of expression. 

I found the idea of allowing students to contribute to conversations using an alias surprising. I had not considered that approach to increasing communication among students who typically do not communicate. I can see how that could be a great tool to use for a blended course as well. 


I agree with the fact that consistency is an important aspect of course development. I have been in courses within a program that were not consistent in instructions or due dates and it was very confusing as a student. 


Providing support to the students will be very important during online learning. In my previous experiences, there were many students who struggled with their lack of computer knowledge and skills. Their lack of skills made it very difficult to achieve all that was required, and there were some who felt that it was impossible and ultimately withdrew from the course and subsequently the program. 

I found an assessment for learning styles and I have utlized it in my classes. In my personal experience, those individuals who are drawn to surgical patient care as surgical technologists are most often hands-on or kinesthetic learners. Most of them, but not all, need to actually perform a skill in order to grasp the techniques. I have had students who do need to perform a skill, but are timid to "go first" without seeing another student perform the skill. In some skills, such as attaching scalpel blades to handles, one can watch it performed, but must be able to… >>>

Each student learns in a specific way. It is the job of the instructor to provide an educational process for each student. One size does NOT fit all. 

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