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it is important to ask employees to be a part of the process and invite them in. It is also important to make it more informal but more frequent as take advantage of when opportunities...

in higher education it is necessary to be both. There are policies that need to be followed to stay compliant, but the ever changing education and healthcare field the need...

A few key takeaways for me:

1. Exercise

2. Stress can be positive

3. Mindfulness

4. Create an environement that is supportive and support others


sleep is something that I need to work on for sure. I do like the idea of emailing a thank you note every day for the next 21 days. Actually of their suggestions are great for the next 21 days

Taking very specific steps towards oreintation and making activities meaningful and purposeful vs "winging" it

Implementing my current students more and use them as a resource, this may empower both incoming and current student.

A few things for sure that I have learned:

1. Although I pride myself in timely feedback, I do recognize that it is not always effective and detailed enough. All of...

The expectations are set right from the beginning. Following those expectation or standards or compliance is that much easier when hwat is expected is known. Makes it easier...

I think that although it may be convenient for some, the lack of systems resource can cause many frustrations

although online learning is for many more convenient it may cause frustration to those that do not have adequate support for the system

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