Anjanette Long

Anjanette Long

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it is essential to evaluate the student in the internship site, to determine if objectives are being met and an overall positive approach to learning/care is being met.

Evaluation of the internship is essential to determine is any future changes are needed to be more beneficial for student success.

Internships are vital in the overall educational/learning process and career placement.

Song to physical activity might be my next niche!

Very interesting take on alternative hands-on ways to teach classes. Something for sure to consider when teaching a class. Thank you.

Varying teaching tools in the classroom is successful for the retention if material that might be hard to teach in the first place.

Supervising students in the clinical setting is relative to their success in their roles. With adequate feedback and direction, the student can shape into their newly attained roles comfortably.

Keeping track of the clinical time is relative and giving feedback of the experience is paramount.

Internships are vital in applying the knowledge base in which one obtains, as well as way to start building contacts for future placements in their designated fields.

I think it is important o see things through the student's perspective.

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