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Social media can be a key part of the admissions process for potential students, so it's very important to know the do's and don'ts when it comes to staying compliant with social media marketing and interactions.

It's important to know about your college's career and student services, but you should never use them to embellish or guarantee anything during the admissions and enrollment process, including future employment. It's important that all college staff and departments use self-regulation policies so that everyone stays compliant with all federal, state, and accrediting regulations.

It's important to know and understand what is and is not included in all institutional marketing, so you know exactly what prospective students may have been exposed to. I must be transparent with the program and financial information, credit transfer policies, and tuition, fee, and refund policies.

It's important to know and follow all rules around licensing regulations no matter what department you are in. When interacting with students and prospective students, it is critical that I am honest and thorough so they understand all requirements and financial obligations prior to enrollment; set realistic expectations when it comes to program outcomes, timelines, and coursework; and disclose all necessary information according to all relevant regulations.

It’s important to keep the resource notebook up to date with statutes and rules, marketing materials, policy and procedure manuals, educational program information, student service offerings, and information on the industries relevant to the institutional programs. Also keeping a list of college staff and departments that I can ask for specific resources will aid in having a completely updated resource notebook. It will be important to stay knowledgeable of the institution’s policies around the transfer of credits so I'm compliant with all regulatory rules. Meetings and training will be a big part of my ongoing professional development and help me… >>>

It will be helpful in my duties to network with staff in the Career Services/Placement Department so I can more efficiently educate prospective students on both educational matters and post-graduation information. It is also important to go beyond that and stay informed on Student Services so the information I give prospective students will be more well-rounded and fully representative of everything the institution has to offer.

I learned that staying organized and being an expert on the enrollment requirements, financial aid, and all other aspects related to the Fair Consumer Practices rule is absolutely necessary so that I may fully inform the student of everything they must know. Adding an interview checklist to my Resource Notebook will help during the enrollment process so I can collect all the information initially.

It will be integral to my success as an Admissions Specialist to keep an up-to-date resource notebook to reference and actively seek out new and updated information for it.

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