Alireza Tehrani

About me

My philosophy has been developed through 30 years of working and teaching nursing students,

 medical students, and staff at the best magnet Training university hospitals. Conceptually, my teaching

philosophy is based of Transformative Learning as defined in Learning as Transformation (Mezirow,

1999), Learning is most effective and transferable when it takes place at

the intersection of content, professional communication and positive feedback.Therefore, my teaching focuses on

effectively conveying accurate information, using innovative communications, critical thinking, and

analyzing before memorizing.

I encourage reflective practice as part of the academic process in my class. The pedagogy behind the

creation of critical incidents is that learning occurs when an individual encounters an alternative

perspective, and habits of the mind are called into question. To provide opportunities for

critical thinking, I challenge my classes in several ways. I love to teach and get satisfaction from my students.

Best regards,


Nursing Faculty of the Stanbridge University and WGU

ACLS,BLS ECG, CPR Instructor of AHA