Alicia Glenn

Alicia Glenn

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All ambiguous behavior is interpreted negatively. Make sure students feel valued and respected.

Students need a reason to learn and they are motivated by personalizing content to career goals. Keep open lines of communication and set the expectations.

Students need reinforcement that supports learning. They need feedback so that they don’t lose enthusiasm. Great teachers know the content and they know their students.

Respect role of management, respect students, commit to students learning and development. Instructor attitude affects student learning.

Recognition and reward are important aspects of teaching. It is important to respect students and it is important for students to have self respect.

It is important to meed the needs of students and help them develop career goals.

It is important to develop a rapport with students and vary instructional styles during class, It is also important to prepare demonstrations before class and limit the steps. Also, the attention span of adults is only about 10-15 mins so try to keep lectures brief and engaging.

The importance of learning at the level of the head, the heart, and the gut. Students should feel comfortable in the classroom.

It is important to provide clear goals, course objectives and a syllabus for students. It is also important to determine which instructional method will be most effective.

I've learned about my role as an educator and the importance of credibility, candidness compassion, commitment, and clarity. I also learned about the importance of being a model, manager, and motivator in the classroom.

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