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Getting to know all of your students is very beneficial.  It helps increase your knowledge of other cultural backgrounds, religions, and races. It helps you understand why some students do certain things in your classroom. 

ELL students testing should always be adjusted to the level of English proficiency.  You will need to make accommodations for the student. Remember that it will take them more time to comprehend their assessment.

Using the cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies to help ELL are important.  Do not be afraid to have ELL use higer order thinking skills when they are working on assignments.  This helps them become more comfortable in what they are trying to complete.

It takes many years for an ELL to reach grade appropriate reading and writing proficiency.  This is makes it difficult for those students who are older to achieve before they graduate.  Many people don't realize how long it takes for an ELL to comfortably communicate.  From experience, I've noticed ELL lack confidence in communicating with other in class because they feel like an outsider.  I've been able to communicate with some ELL in their first language so that it eases their anxiety some.

ELL come from different cultural backgrounds.  It does make it difficult for a student to try to assimilate into an English speaking society.  There are many factors that affect the student.  It does take years for an ELL to fully understand how to communicate effectively in an English speaking society.  It's not an easy task to accomplish.

This provided great ideas on how to stay in constant communication with your students.  Starting the year online I realize that I have to treat this just like if I had the students in my classroom.  Doing the simple things like introducing myself  to them is so important.  Sharing my background in life with them helps put that at ease in some way.  Allowing all the students to share information about themselves with other students.  Students can see how they  have similar interests as the teacher and/or other students.  It helps ease feeling like you're a stranger.

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These are some very good ideas to implement.


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This past spring wa the first time I taught online.  Many of my students at first would not get involved in discussion.  I started asking students questions.  Some students would not know the answer but others would volunteer.  That helped start discussions with other students on the topic.

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