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Practice assessment score of 94% for Practice quiz 1 for ED 114.


Earnest J. Kendall, MSN, RN-BC

Concorde Career College, Inc.

Kansas City, MO 64111

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I like clear, to-the-point objectives.  This helps clarify what both students and instructors clear direction for the course that is being taught.  A course without objectives is like a ship without a sail.  It will undoubtedly veer off course and some will get lost.


Earnest J. Kendall, MSN, RN-BC

I recently finished ED107.  Terrific course.  Allowed me to refocus my attention on how I taught, what I taught and how effective my teaching might be. 

I highly recomment this course. 

Earnest J. Kendall,MSN, RN-BC



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We can never get too many resources.  Part of being a good instructor is knowing what and where you can find your resources. 




Earnest J. Kendall,MSN, RN-BC

I just finished ED 101.  Powerful course.  Good reminders of what a good instructor needs.  I highly recommend this course to both novice and experienced instructors. 


Earnest J. Kendall,MSN, RN-BC

Completed ED 105.  Enjoyable, informative course. Think I learned some valuable tools to use with students.

 Finished ED 106 today.  Interesting methods of assisting Learning Disabilities students.  This should be helpful to me in the future.

Earnest J. Kendall Associate/Instructor

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