Hermine  Forte-Morris

Hermine Forte-Morris

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I am new intructure. I am seeking all suggestions as I start the new journey 


As a new instructure, I have doubts, but I am learnging to work on those doubt.  


Taking controll of the class in imertiviate to maitaning order. Also using the schoools polices/ All guidlines  and poolices  regarding cheating or  being disruptive should be apart of the orientation  process 

As the instructure, you need to be in controll of the class by being engaging. As a new clincal intrutrue thisis sometimes difficult  when teaching a course. For example teaching nursing student, in the clas oyu have lpn, and cna. LPN and CNA's as basic knowlege and someytimes they try to take over. 




Itb is imerative that you prepeare a priscise syllabus, so that strudent the cousrse, the plan , and what is expected of them 



Take you time to focus individually on the student, this will help to motivate the student sucess 


As a teachier you need to be engaing with your strudent, I like the idea of using story telling


It is imperative to create a positive, care and thoughtful environemt for the stundents 


Teaching adults learners must include generational and cultural diiffences 

UnderstandIing your students as adults, thier  cultural difference , respecting each as individual will help in student learning 



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