Hermine  Forte-Morris

Hermine Forte-Morris

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Communication, teaching and understanding the policies is essential in understanding the polices and procedures that will help to guide practice. 

rules and polices are implemented to provide practice guidelines 

Using everyday items to create lasting memories, keeping the students engaged 

Teaching tool are excellent tools to help your students learn in a non threatening environment

The ideas suggested are great! as you stated it is very difficult to be monitor of group of students all at once. 

Engaging student is critical to help them learn to think critically and the link the content that s being taught 

Leaders benefit from interns. This gives both the student and leaders to know the intern and recruit  intern for employment .

The intern benefit from by learning the company value and mission, increase the opportunity for future employment 

Practicum allows the student to experience  the role in which they are training for, with supervision and independence

Active learning get both the student and teachers involve in the learning process, 

Can you all share some interestng learning activies that you have used in the past.




Active learnig is more prodcutive, more engaaging 


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