Sabrina Paradis

Sabrina Paradis

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very informative course. I learned about the many challenging types of students and how to find ways to support them.

Use many methods to make your syllabus interesting to the student and team building activities to use as ice breakers and learning experiences.

Lecture for 10-15 minutes at a time and include mini breaks, write a detailed lesson plan and arrive early to class to get organized and to engage with the students to feel the mood for the day.

I learned that is important to learn the student's names and to go over course objectives. It is also important to let students know a lit bit of your background and to know some information about your students to make a connection.

always be prepared, show up early and start class on time

Have a notepad ready

listen to feedback, have a peer look over the syllabus to make sure you have everything covered

make a checklist

I learned a lot today....

Don't go into a classroom assuming you are the smartest there-always someone that knows more than you do

Be humble, understanding and have patience when sharing your knowledge

Be a model for your students and lead by example

Always be professional and transparent

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