What surprised you as you read about language and information you can and cannot use when communicating with prospective... >>>

Accreditation and Regulatory Oversight

As you learned more about the regulatory agencies that oversee your institution, what did you discover that you didn't know... >>>

Meetings and Training

Investigate meetings and training opportunities available for you. Which ones will you participate in and why did you make these... >>>

Career Services

What placement and career services are offered at your institution? Which do you think are the most... >>>

Student Services

What student services are offered by your institution and how do you plan to talk about them with prospective... >>>

What do you know about the organizational structure for your instituti

How do you rate your knowledge about the departments and people who work at your institution? Be specific about what you know and what you still need to learn and how you will do... >>>

Questions Prospective Students Have

What kinds of questions do prospective students typically have? How will you answer these questions more effectively as a result of this... >>>

What You Can and Cannot Do or Say

What have you learned so far about what you can and cannot do or say? Which of your actions will you... >>>

Catalog Requirements

Your state provides requirements for what is to be included in your catalog. Compare your catalog against the requirements listed. How does your catalog match up? Discuss any differences with your... >>>

Keeping Up with Changes

Discuss what methods are used to keep you informed about changes at your institution that affect your job in the admissions department. What could make this process more... >>>

Your Institution Marketing

Discuss how you will learn about the marketing plans that are used by your institution and how you will stay... >>>

The Paper or Electronic Resource Notebook

What information have you placed in your paper or electronic Resource Notebook? What have you discovered that you did not know about your institution or the rules and regulations that must be... >>>