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Principal Kafele is a dynamic educator and former principal. He spoke at the 2020 ACTE VISION conference.  He made a powerful example of why it is important to integrate academics and CTE. This short 2 minute video might be useful with school leaders and students. 

Career Solutions Publishers has a series of learning modules on academics in careers. It is called Hands-on for Careers.

The 69 modules targeting specific careers are 20-30 pages each with typical math, science, English, social studies activities performed on the job including critical thinking, workplace politics, news, and entrepreneurial problem-solving.

The fees are an annual subscription for groups of careers. You should be able to request a sample for review.

This discussion is to share teaching material available from other sources. This could include commercial sources and free open-source materials. Sharing items here is not the endorsement of any one product, but teachers are welcome to share opinions and recommendations. Be sure to share links to locate materials.

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Here is an excellent contrast of School Writing vs Work Writing.  This could be useful for students to think differently about the writing they do in CTE classes. This is from Career Solutions Publishing.


This is the Google shared drive Professional Learning Community for CTE teachers.  This file for Academic Integration teachers includes sharing of lesson ideas and resources as well as recordings of virtual Sharing and Support sessions. 

There are often questions about effectively developing crosswalks between CTE programs and academic standards as part of the state CTE program approval process. This discussion thread is an opportunity to raise questions and provide suggestions on referencing academic content to achieve program approval. 


New York State education regulations provide for students to earn academic credit in the CTE program when meeting certain conditions. Here is a link to the regulation, a comparison of the two options, and a video tutorial explanation.

Here is the link to the recordings and chat from the Virtual Sharing and Support sessions on June 22. You can find a copy of the brainstorming in the Academic Teacher breakout and  the recording of the Curriculum Mapping afternoon session.

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