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How does your facility track placement rates 6-24 months post-grad? Do you use a matrix? If so would you mind sharing some tips?

We often have events that allow our alumni to come back and participate these events include graduation, career/health fairs, speaking to current classes regarding their experience and current employment. The alumni are always eager to offer tips regarding the job market and course work

Does anyone have any ideas of how to track alumni?

I have found that having fund raisers, and career/health fairs. Our alumni also come back and speak to our current classes regarding the class, their job search, employment, and they also provide tips to the students in the aforementioned areas. Do you track your alumni?

what is the next step?

We have to try our best to give an answer to what ever question being brought. They might not be contented but al laeast they heard my opinion & when you get a chance try to research what is all about.

I believe that predominantly online schools and career college alumni resources can serve as a great way to connect college alumni in communities and would serve as a connector when these alumni may not have had any other reason to know each other.  Alumni homecoming events in local towns also serve as a great networking tool and as a great college promotion.

I agree with your response, it is never ok to wing it if you don't know answer, I feel like your response is the best way to handle this

Hi Gewndolyn,

I would have to agree with you on this subject.  Students come and go quickly in this type of college setting.  The only way I continue to have contact with students is to provide guidance or other services in order to aid and assist in their future careers.  Some colleges have a great alumni support and others it is non-existent.

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