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Hello! My name is Sundeep Bhatia. I am currently a new Admissions Officer at a local university. In my opinion, it is crutial for me to learn all the laws and regulation involved in the educational realm. Knowledge is power and me knowing the current standard and guidelines will be able to make me a better admissions officer and in turn my service to the student will be more efficient and effective. Conclusively, it is my opinion that we need to continue to learn something new everyday and embetter ourselves. As soon as we accept our current condition as being permanent, mediocrisy is all we get!

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My name is Eduardo , and I have been for almost 8 years as Admission Officer.

I received The Admission Compliance Training for Florida Career Institutions, and It was my first experience in an online course.Even though I have been for almost 8 years, I have discovered news ideas ,up to  date my documents regarding rules and regulations.

I learned regarding the important and effective use of my Resource Notebook.

I learned that I have to check the Florida Commission for Independent Education at least once a month.

In general this course give me a great opportunity to learned by my self how much important is to have up to date , all information regarding regulations , regarding my Institution and all staf

I appreciate and I invite to take this course

This is my first week with admissions.  There were so many things in the course I took that challenged me as well as taught me the correct way of doing things.  Also, I agree that knowing the rules and regulations are critical.  If you cannot do your job the right way, there is no need to work in this field.  The course was very informative and I enjoyed the process and learning associated with it.