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Taking a Spin With ChatGPT

Much has been posted in education circles on the innovative AI tool ChatGPT. Is it a way for students to cheat? Is it a teaching tool? Should educators ignore it? In five decades of experience, I have seen educators embrace many forms of technology, and some were always reluctant. I took ChatGPT for a spin to try it out. After using ChatGPT, I believe this is an easy-to-use tool to improve writing and save time. Teachers are likely to use this more than students doing tasks such as writing teaching scenarios, content for online courses, and student feedback. ChatGPT and future AI products add to existing tools of SpellCheck, Grammarly, and GoogleSearch to make us more productive in our work.

To try ChatGPT, I posed this statement related to the Integration of Academics in CTE – It is important to teach academic skills when teaching technical skills.

AI tools such as this could make more efficient the process of developing integrated lesson plans, mapping curriculum, and linking to standards. ChaptGPT “wrote” in a few seconds this clear and accurate passage. 

Yes, it is important to teach academic skills when teaching technical skills. While technical skills are essential for performing a specific job or task, academic skills provide a foundation for lifelong learning and success in various aspects of life.

Academic skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and time management are crucial for success in any field, including technical fields. These skills help individuals to approach tasks systematically, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate their ideas and findings.

In addition, technical skills often require individuals to research, analyze, and interpret data, which are all academic skills. Without these skills, individuals may struggle to perform technical tasks, especially when faced with complex challenges.

Moreover, academic skills can help individuals to adapt to new technologies and stay updated with the latest advancements in their field. This is particularly important in technical fields, where new technologies and tools are continually emerging.

In summary, teaching academic skills alongside technical skills can help individuals to become more well-rounded and adaptable professionals, who are better equipped to succeed in their careers and tackle complex challenges.

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