The Power of the Brand!

When I have a cut on the finger, I typically get a Band Aid as opposed to a piece of adhesive gauze, or get a Kleenex tissue when sneezing, or make a Xerox copy. We all know the power of branding - to the point where many products and services in the marketplace have become household names. Perhaps the same opportunity is applicable to career colleges. What is your school's brand? What special or unique feature or benefit stems from your college and its programs that distinguish it as the best choice? In our educational venue, the primary goal for all of us is to provide specific, current and relevant skills training in fields with good employment and advancement potential, enabling our adult learners to accomplish their career goals. But there are a lot of excellent programs out there teaching similar disciplines. Ongoing success and expansion of a career college, or system, is at least, in part, contingent upon how it has positioned, or positively branded, itself among the competition.

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Our brand is "The Serious U"--an open admissions university with the goal of teaching marketable skills to adult learners.