Tips for Facilitating and Managing Change

Change is inevitable and our career education work environment is no exception. As you face change, whether it is structural, organizational, technical or operational, and lead others in the change process, here are a few tips to consider:

  • The change should be for solving a problem or addressing an issue, not change for the sake of change.  Make sure that you know the specific problem or issue the change is attempting to solve and that you can communicate it.
  • Be clear as to what will change and what will not.  Surround yourself with facts and information to minimize insecurities and fear.
  • Assess the impact or effect on you and on others.
  • Address your personal feelings and hesitations about the change and put a personal plan of action into effect.
  • Determine others’ objections that may occur.  Allow time for feedback and concerns that need to be expressed.
  • Get ideas from others for successfully implementing the change, allowing others to feel as if they are a part – it provides “buy-in” and increases confidence that the change is OK.
  • Determine how you will answer or address those expected objections.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a commitment and establish a process for follow-thru.
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