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Time and Stress Management for Instructors

This was a great class with lost of important information for some who does not know how to handle stress and management time.  However, I do think that I am well versed in both areas because of my teaching experience and the number of years that I have been in the public school environment, prior to making the transition to the adult career college environment.

I am a person who enjoy working out at the gym; as well as walking or moderately jogging inside or out; therefore, I was very aware of how much these activitiy energize me, as well as help me to relieve stress.  After exercising, I take a long relaxing shower, and get ready for bed because I know that ample amount of rest will assist with relieving stress.

I am very well organized; therefore, I am certain that I have a great sense of time management, so that I can do some of the things that I like to do.

All of my class activities, exams and tests are online and are electronically graded.  Therefore, my students can access their grade and determine their grade at any time during the quarter.



I enjoyed this course and leanred alot more knowlege

Very organized regarding time management. Students can really play on the nerves some days. Just have to step back and take a "time out" mentally sometimes.

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