Online enrollment is growing at a rapid rate, as is the technology that supports online instruction.  Instructors need to have strategies that will help them to engage online learners as well as provide them instructional support when needed.  This group is for online educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Positive Feedback waters the soul.... | New comment by Authurine McNeil

Positive feedback is essential in any setting or forum.  Ages 8 to 80 enjoy the warmth of positive feedback. Even a negative can be turned into something positive if we look hard enough. ...


Getting to know your students | New discussion by Authurine McNeil

It is important is learn something about your students from the onset of the course and make mental notes.  Also, asking students what might hinder them from completing the course. The more you l...


quality media | New comment by Authurine McNeil

Relevant media is great but there should be a balance with the use media and should not be overused.  Therefore we should use teaching methodologies to enhance students' cognitive skills to...


What is motivation to lazy students? | New comment by Valerie Maze

Hello Ann, i find that the more you involve the students in classroom activities, the more they absorb.  it gets tiring sitting at your desk doing work on the computer. they need to be...

Discussions | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

I also agree. What I believe about discussion is not to give right or wrong answers, every thread should have open ended questions which will encourage students to think, research, and bring new...

Do you learn by teaching others? | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

That is my motivation to teach. Not only I share my life story where they can learn, I also hear their experiences and ideas which help me to learn. I learn a lot from my students.

What is motivation to lazy students? | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

I agree Ann. With more interaction, students feel comfortable asking questions and they feel that you are there to help

What is motivation to lazy students? | New discussion by Ann Hill

I find the more interaction with the student the more motivated they are to attend class and participate. What are your thoughts? 

EL113 - Active Learning in the Online Environment | New blog by Cynthia Lowe

Learned some very interesting concepts that will apply well to my online instructor position.

Structures | New blog by Joanna McManus

Learning new ideas on how to develop a course and why can be quite confusing.  There are several steps needed along the way to make a course well defined and much work to refine it.