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Stimulation | New comment by Jeffrey Staso

You could try tailoring discussions to those student's hobbies and likes. Students who are reticent most of the time actually tend to me MORE outgoing when discussing a topic they are very interested...


quality media | New comment by Jeffrey Staso

The important thing is that the media is relevant to the content. Having a cute picture of a ktiten next to a spreadsheet about rainfall in Brazil is distracting and unnecessary. Having information...


EL102 ROCKS! | New blog by Mark Goron

This course explains the how-to and foundations of teaching online in a very clear and effective manner. It solidifies what I learned in my training and even brought a few new ideas that I will attemp...


EL 102 | New blog by Eduardo Mariano

This course helped me have a better understanding of on-line teaching. I hope to use what I learned here when I have my on-line classes.


Action | New blog by Marie Moran

I learned very good inforation regarding personality types. I plan to start aligning the way I teach with the individual personalities I have in class. I believe many of my students are introverts and...


Stimulation | New discussion by Marie Moran

I have a few students who will only provide minimal information in discussions. Often times, when I try to stimulate a broader answer from them they will provide a yes or no short answer, or a one sen...

Be sure students understand your time schedule | New blog by Beth Smith

I have run into students who think it is ok to submit all their assignments at the end of the course near Final grade submission date.  This is unrealistic as Intsructors do not have unlimited ti...

Take time to ensure all students are engaged | New blog by Mary Becker

In reviewing the online classes I have taken I feel the most often frustration occurs when feedback from the Instructor is spotty, brief and non-specific. It is essential to answer questions posed by ...

Online Teaching | New blog by Patricia Jamiosn

Yuou must have patience for technical difficulty. If you are tired rest and come back and continue online courses.

Do you learn by teaching others? | New comment by Thomas Lansden

Many of the areas identified in this tutorial can be used in face-to-face classes as well. I will adopt some of these strategies in online classes; record keeping is an automatic with our learning...