Jennifer Peters

Jennifer Peters

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Team work is the dreamwork

Learning platforms vary.

Using a brain break question in between concepts helps the student to pause and apply the new knowledge

Learnt about types of evaluations

I should ask the same questions in various ways

Various learning styles should be the focus of buliding your learning platform

Students are excited when you acknowlege their contributions about their experiences. 

Enjoyed this section! Keeping students engaged can sometimes be challenging, thats why it's so important to add variety of different assingments. I liked the REFOCUS tool

What I have learned about this module is the importance of creating a learning environment that will keep students enagaged, and encourage participation by doing dynamic activities and maintaining a positive learning environment. My students can contact me regarding any question to clarify misunderstandings, that way they can feel heard. As an instructor, I will continue to lead by example and support my students in their career pathway. 


This course was helpful to me, allowing me to understand the importance of putting students perspectives, needs, and culture diversity into priority. Sometimes we think that students come from the same type of learning environment, when in reality each individual is different. Students should be encouraged by giving them information related to their career goals to keep them on track and engaged. 


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