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It is important to engage students with online learning.  I intend to use various methods such as breaks inbetween online lecturing with a refresher or recap about questions.

Synchronous learning is learning actively at the same time vs asynchronous in which students participate learn on own time such as discussion posts.  It is important to note their ability of acess for these methods.

There are many different technology tools to use such as blogs, wikis. It is important that Powerpoint that are pre-recorded or voice over are in 10-15 minute increments and then ask questions in between.

It is important to use several methods of feedback including student feedback and self-feedback.

I learned more about formative vs summative assessments, which we do use with with online methods, however sometimes I forget the terminology.  Rubics is helpful with giving students guidelines and the instructor fair ways to grade the assignments.  Also, the emphasis of good feedback such as in discussion boards is important to promote interaction.

It can be helpful to have a dynamic syllabus.  I had never heard of it, but it sounds like a good concept than a normal document form of a syllabus.  It is important for instructors to provide guidance for online discussion format whether it is complete access, restricted access (if students feel more comfortable for only instructor to see ).  

It is important to have consistency with online learning for students.  Other things to cosider for online format are the types and length of videos, font, size, and limiting the use of italics.

It is important to develop computer literacy regardless of age.  It is important to understand and be able to have computer literacy in the work environment.


It is important to encourage enhance the idea that we will all be life long learners.


Teams are good for students, especially in career oriented professions.


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