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Lisa Coe

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I am a registered nurse, and I am teaching in the Practical Nursing program at PCI in Rocky Hill, CT. I have worked in healthcare for 36 years, with 34 years as a registered nurse. I have education background developing and running a nurse aide certification program in the community college system in Connecticut. My nurse aide program is the model that was adapted for all nurse aide programs within the CT community college system.


corporate compliance, policy and program development, political lobbying for healthcare, public speaking, technical writing.


educational program development, infection control/prevention, fema disaster preparedness/planning, nursing leadership, public speaking


It is imperative that the student also understands their responsibility in acknowledging, as soon as practical, that they have a disability for which reasonable accommodation is required. It is not the responsibility of the institution to seek out the information, but rather that of the student to provide it.

It is also important to remember that there is to be equal access, and this equal access isn't designed to be special, or more than what the typical student is afforded. In other words, as was described in the educational content, the accommodation levels the playing field. It is not designed… >>>

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This is very similar to what I am acustomed to in the healthcare industry. I nursing homes, our state/federal regulators make unannounced visits all the time. It can be nerve-wracking if you don't have good habits all the time. 

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