Leonel Corpin

Leonel Corpin

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This module is very insightful. As an instructor, it gave me a lot of things to think about or consider specially students with learning disability. Do not always assume that the student is a slow learner. Try to address other factors such as stress level and many others that inhibits the students' learning ability.

I understand that a student with a disability should not be denied the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams

teaching online is not effective if it is linear. student interaction is required.


Feedback is essential in fostering a learner-centered environment.

Asynchronous method of learning, student must  be on top of their learning experience and be motivated. students cannot procrastinate or they will get behind.

I learned as an instructor, my style is like a demonstrator. I also encouraged student participation to test their ability to retain the information that was given.



Concept Maps are visual representation of relationships between concepts and information whose purpose is to link concepts by words that describe their relationship.  


Using rubric is a viable tool to assess learning outcomes.  Rubric is a tool used to save time when grading.



Online teaching, instructors must create different strategies to ensure the students are learning and retaining what they have learned and applying what they have learned.

Two things I learned are consistency & preparedness>


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