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Active learning can be achieved from other sources such as the internet, library, reference materials, and other students. Successful active learning requires planning ahead and organized. 

Students with learning disabilities require additional support from the instructors and resources that can be provided by the institution written policy. Just a few of the many strategies to help students with learning disabilities are: providing a range of activities in using the application of key words, give students feedback, gain rapport with the student by learning a few words of the their language, and having students demonstrate the learned skills.

It is important as an instructor to understand that each the success of each student will be influenced by the following: genetic and learned abilities, previous life experiences, and their personal motivation for the chosen field. Student's will learning disabilities and challenges require support for best learning practices. There are an array of strategies the instructor can utilize to ensure the success of a student with learning disabilities or challenges. 

I have learned that learning groups no larger than 6 to 8 members are best to enable each person to contribute to the given group project and can serve as peer tutors in the learning process. 

In this module, I have learned to present information in specific and manageable portions that students can internalize. Also, starting each class by discussing the previous class topic and how this relates the the new topic or information that will be discussed today. 

Asking questions is very important as a student as well as an instructor. The content, tone and delivery of asking questions is key to encourage student participation in a group discussion. 

Asking questions leads to better understanding. The type of questions instructors ask the students to lead to better knowledge matters. Questions such as “why” instead of “what” will help delve into a deeper knowledge of the subject matter. The Socratic method can be used by instructors to allow the students to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding and it will help related the students to the information being taught. 

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I completely agree with you. Recently, I have been listening to audio books and I find that I really enjoy it. The particular book I am listening to has the same author actually reading her own book, so it means so much more to me. It is as if, this author is jumping straight out of the book and into the the space that you are in. It totally helps to be immersed into the content of the book. 

Learning acquisition have been under research for 30 years to understand how individuals develop students’ individual learning styles. This greater knowledge will help instructors and students develop greater ability to learn and retain new information according to each individuals innate and preferred learning styles.  

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Thank you for your post Hillary. My name is Feli Ruth and new to teaching. I will be inquiring and familiarizing myself with the variety of services that are available for the students so I can be prepared to give an answer should the need arises. Do you have any tips for a beginner instructor? 

- Feli Ruth 

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