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Reply to Lourdes Wiley's post:Hello Lourdes, I learned from your comment! You are totally right! No one thought covid crisis would last so long. So, we and the students were not prepared to be online for so long and also the other issues that accompanied COVID such as economic crisis have complicated the situation even more. It is good if we take those in to consideration to better understand and help the students. I agree with your strategy to be clear about our expectations before the start of each mod. 

The course provides valuable information on how students can have different learning approaches and how we as instructors can deal with difficult students to get the best results. 
I will have those in mind to have better control on the classes I teach. Especially in online classes one problem is technical issues for the students which result in not submitting their assignments on time. 

Reply to Liz Clark's post:I agree. Synchronous discussion could be used when you toting otherwise you can't use it for large group. 

Reply to Mark Grafton's post:That is true and it will be even more difficult to bring them back in track. 

Each student has a different learning approach and some a combination of them. Getting them engaged in learning is very important and should be valued. The discussion on synchronous and asynchronous was very interesting and I will apply the hints in my classes.


Reply to Larisa Crawley's post: I found it so helpful too. I always start my class with briefly showing the students my resume and they get excited and interested!

Reply to Lori Swanson's post:That is so true Lori. I remember how it felt when an instructor included this welcome announcement when I was a student compared to those who didn't!

I share my resume with students at the first session and ask them if they are interested to hear more about any of the experience that I briefly mentioned. 
They seem to enjoy this part of the class and engage in the discussion. They ask questions for the guidance in their profession based on my experiences.


Reply to Christopher Brown's post: Great point you mentioned. I believe this is a fear for many of us who teaches or fascilitaes the learning of the students. By overcoming our fears and by acceptance of "To Err Is Human" we can become a confident instructor.

Reply to Jacob Pope's post: Yes Jacob, I didnt know the strategies either. very interesting and I am sure they work for each class perfectly.

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