Rena Lloyd

Rena Lloyd

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That organization is the key. If you are not organized your students will not have confidence in your teaching.

It's important for students to understand pitfalls they should avoid. These pitfalls limit students' success and encourage procrastination.

Teach should teach them to and also use cut and past info in documents, attach a file in an email, use the USB drive, and different tips for learning.

It is important for students to understand what say to them. Have more discussions and interactions. Use tips and examples.

It is important to communicate with students and make it clear so they may understand what you are saying.

Make assignments due at the same time and the same day.

Have students self evaluate.

It is good to be consistent and use a different way for online teaching.

Learning that different types of teaching styles are effective. Communication is the key and it takes out the misunderstanding.

I learned that Asynchronous and synchronous teaching is important and they both are beneficial.

I learned that tools are a good source of teaching style for students. I need to find my own style.

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