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He admitted they could have shot him or added him to their hostage list, adding it
was not pleasant to look down to barrel of a machine gun. The raid lasted just
11 minutes and all but one of the six gunmen were shot and killed.
From the side-by-side comparisons, one can easily see
the difference between the rendered results against the ground truth.
Our results maintain low MPJPE compared to the other methods.
Fig. 7 plots the MPJPE curves over time (around 1400 frames) on two
selected joints: the left ankle from Walking S9 and the left elbow from Smoking S9.

To visually demonstrate the significance of the estimation improvement,
we apply animation retargeting to a 3D avatar by synthesizing the captured motion from the same frame of the Walking S9 and Posing S9 sequences as
shown in Fig. 9. With the support of additional mesh surface
driven by the pose, it helps magnify the degree of body part arrangement that enhance
the contrast of estimation.

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