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Renita Cash

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Active learning and respecting each individual as an adult is necessary.  The context of the information presented should meet the goals of the class as well as the goals of the student. Each individual should be held accountable, but the structure of the course shouldn't be so strutured or strict to the point that there is no fun involved in the learning process.


With any lecture, it is important to know your audience.  The same holds true when instructing students.  Every class is filled with a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds that are exstremely different.  I agree with the idea of using group study to divide the diverse population (experienced versus the less experienced) so that each member could share their experiences with each other, their point of view, and transfer knowledge.


Learning blood parameters and how to analyze the results is often a challenging task.  Using the index cards and making a group activity out of it so that there is social interaction and open dicussion to come to a common agreement would be beneficial to the learning process for students.


In this section, students were taught to use creative methods to learn critical skills. It is very interactive and adds fun to the learning process such as using the t-shirt and post its to draw the location of various body parts.  


I was thinking of how I would keep track of the student's skill level.  Using the dots I feel is a great idea in a clinical setting.  


Reinforcement of HIPAA guidelines are important depending on the information that is being presented. However, interactive learning allows students to think critically, express theselves, knowledge sharing, and induce learning. Stardard approaches to teaching is less effective and fails keep the attention of the audience.


Effective communication between supervisors and interns is essential for all parties involved.  It's an opportunity for interns to communicate what is going well and what needs improvement.  It also allows supervisors the opportunity to discuss the progress of the intern.  It is a collaboration of multiple parties to ensure that everyone's needs are being met and are provided an opportunity for constructive criticism.


The outcome of an internships is determined by organization, preparation, and planning.


Internships are contractural relationships that have pre-determined objectives that are required to be met.  While in an intern status, the intern would need to document thier hours and ensure that the arrangement is adequate (from their perspective) to meet their objective requirements.  At the same time, the supervisor should be monitoring the progress of the intern throught the intern phase through visits, projects, and presentations.  This enhances the learning experience and establishes a portfolio going forward.

Internships require a great deal of responsibility as they are similar to preceptorships.  It provides people with the opportunity to learn the company or industry.  It also requires an great deal of supervision while the enrollees are learning.


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