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Learning to adapt is very important tool to enhance instructor's skills in teaching. 

Adapatbility and flexablity have really allowed me to open my classroom to new thoughts, ideas and techniques.  I also remeember to go back to old school once in a while as well to ensure they aren't using technology as a cruch to NOT learn it instead of just looking it up.

I was opened up to all the tools to enhance the instructors ability to teach the lesson.  Things i wasn't aware of. 

Learning the sites and words to use to enable students to get the information and use the sites

Get to know what Technology one can use to teach

Increasing educator awareness of technology in the classroom will help to engage a more diverse learner.


I will use technology to help with student retention and engagement

There is a lot to learn, i am encouraged to investigate social media sites that would help students.

I believe that if we don't learn to embrace social media and a learning tool  we are doing a diservice to our students. I encourage students to use YouTube when they don't understand complex theory.

Hello Jenat

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I totally agree, I am not very stonge in technology, thats why I am taking this course.  Every time I turn around my students are looking down at their phone.  I try to use kahoots during review or some form of technology to engage them.  I too, encourage approved youtube to enhance the learning experience.  I wish there was more to offer in the classroom setting that will help with teaching.  If you have any suggestings please post. thanks.

I love the variety of tools


Using technology keeps a learner engaged on the subject at hand. In a technology base school I can recommend sites to help a student understand the lesson from different views and still maintaing a level of interest.

Reply to Kristilyn Moses's post: Good point Kristilyn on going back old school a positive reinforce on the learning and not use technology as a cruch rather an accelerated learning tool.

I will be using technology as a supplement that backs up what I have been showing them.

I need to remember the role that technology can play in assisting those with learning disabilities.  I need to provide content that is accessbile by ELL students, sight-impaired and hearing impaired in a K-12 setting.  I need to provide the information in a way that technology can interpret for those with learning challenges, wether it be online translation, text to speech, or adding details to images that a reader can read to a site-impaired student. Technology should be embedded in the content, and learning of the technology embedded in the work that we do in our classroom.


The metaphor that we used to learn about technologies to using technologies to learn marks just how far our collective preception and use of technology for learning has come.

Technology based learning tools enable students to make real-world connections and allow them to be active participants in their learning. Incorporation of technology in learning breaks down systemic barriers for challenged learners, and provides them an opportunity to engage with the curriculum and motivate them to succeed.

In order to use technology efficiently in the classroom, it is important to be familiar with the software and programs that will be used in the class.


Dealing with a younger demographic of student, technolgical learning seems well suited to them. In the current age, the CoVid Pandemic has required greater use of these options for learning. Becoming familiar with software and programs can be daunting, but as time progresses, their use becomes easier, and breeds better opportunities for learning at a variety if times of day, as well as some degree of quiet privacy for the students who have questions and are struggling (their shyness may allow them to actually ask a question in an online format, where they might decline to ask in a traditional classroom).